The Pocket Change Agent  is a coaching tool I am prototyping using SMS, Typeform and email. A lightweight customizable "anti-app," The Pocket Change Agent helps users change their life by documenting their emotional responses to daily obstacles while giving  them a framework to design a set of result-driven actions. 
 After working privately with several graduate students working furiously to complete their dissertations just under the wire, I realized that they had quite a bit in common with the entrepreneurs whose projects I supported. High performers, they gave themselves over completely to their Mission Impossible, ignoring their personal lives and health and thus missing their deadlines and goals. I devised a process that I deliver as a workshop and online course. It's undergone a few name changes!   Download the workbook here.
 Moving is a distinct part of my thinking process. I create performance pieces as investigations and entertainment. This work explored signaling: the Other, the Divine, the Self and the Community. Performing to a funk gospel track, the movement was based in dances of Africa and Its Diaspora and made use of ship to shore flag signals. Choreography by Anna B. Scott; Dancers: jahanna Blut, d, Sabela Grimes, Cari Ann Shim Sham. Costume design by Monica Hernandez. Photos by Rollence Patugan. Performed May 10, 2013 at Highways Performance Space as part of  4 Headed Dance  festival.
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